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We all know that preparing for a wedding does not equal being prepared for marriage.


A couple may have sent out calligraphy invitations to 100 of their closest friends.

They may have beautiful wedding rings and the perfect music selected for their ceremony. They may even be holding two airline tickets to a romantic honeymoon destination.

They may have their wedding planned down to the finest detail, but the truth remains:


Being prepared for a wedding does not equal being prepared for marriage.


It’s understandable that some couples spend more time preparing for their wedding than they do for their marriage.

Wedding plans seem far more tangible. Once the caterer is scheduled it can be checked off the to-do list.


Relational readiness is not so tidy.


Every year, however, experts are making great strides in identifying how to significantly improve the odds a couple has for a fulfilling lifelong marriage. A number of studies show that certain pre-marriage variables can differentiate couples who will do well and those who will not do well with up to a 94% accuracy rate.

The SYMBIS Assessment is built on a growing mountain of research that reveals what is most effective when it comes to pre-marriage education (as well as marriage enrichment for SYMBIS+).

It explores a full range of issues - from relatively simple and static dimensions such as longevity of the relationship, critical skill-sets such as communication, and all of the complexities of joining two sets of personality dynamics.

All in all, the SYMBIS Assessment covers more than two-dozen particular dimensions based upon research studies with relevance to our coaching and counseling.


These include:

• Marriage Mindset

• Self-concept

• Maturity

• Independence

• Longevity

• Stability

• Similarity

• Stress

• Psychological Caution Flags

• Cohabitation

• Unrealistic Expectations

• Baggage

• Social Support

• In-law Relationships

• Cultural Context

• Spiritual Beliefs

• Finances

• Role Expectations

• Personality

• Love

• Sex

• Attitudes and Happiness

• Communication

• Bridging the Gender Gap

• Conflict Management

• Spiritual Intimacy

• Re-marriage (if relevant)

• Blending a Family (if relevant)

How does it work?


  1. Schedule a free assessment with a relationship coach

  2. An agreement is sent to you outlining the coaching parameters

  3. The agreement is e-signed and your service fee is paid

  4. An individual SYMBIS assessment link is sent to each of you via email.

  5. Take the 30-minute assessment on your own, individually. Your results are then sent directly to your certified coach.

  6. After your certified coach has reviewed both of your assessments, a calendar link is sent to you to schedule your first of five coaching sessions (you can schedule one at a time once every week or all 5 at the same time)

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