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Unique Ceremonies - Unique Couples

"Joe made our day extraordinary.  He is perfectly organized and added the perfect balance of fun, humor, emotion and absolute class at our wedding."  - Kyle D. (Martineau)

Ask about our Pre-marital Coaching Program

Service Descriptions

Romantic, Fun, Traditional...

OR make it YOU!

  • Responsive communication

  • Personalized Ceremony

  • Friendly attentive staff

  • Easy to use online ceremony planner

  • In person or Hangout by Google ceremony planning


A personalized ceremony drafted by you and your officiant will have your vows bring your LOVE to LIFE. Your ceremony can be short and sweet, traditional, classy or a combination of all of them. On the day of your ceremony, your officiant will arrive 45-60 minutes prior to actual start time to work out the details with your DJ and wedding team. 


Get started with relationship tools with


We educate ourselves for careers, we educate ourselves for licensing and credentials throughout our lifetime......What do we do for our relationships?


Intimacy is getting to know someone. The day we say, "I already know you!" intimacy dies.

Keep intimacy alive by obtaining the tools for marital bliss:

- Conflict Resolution

- Understanding your partner's Love Language

- Creating intimacy every day in your relationship


  1. First, we schedule a free consultation to learn if the Saving Your Marriage Before It Begins Coaching Program is a good fit.

  2. Next, each person completes a 30-minute assessment, and (5) 60-minute sessions are scheduled.

  3. Followed by, attending the scheduled sessions via Video Conference or In-Person to review each section of the assessment.  Your Certified Relationship Coach/Mentor will provide the structure for a healthy, enlightening conversation.

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